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Our dedicated introductory service team is tasked with handling small volume consignments and start-up projects


Our flexibility and openness to innovation enables us to consider projects of all sizes. Our dedicated small volume team is on hand to help start-ups, new ventures and established brands launch and develop new products

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Our flexibility and manufacturing experience enables us to remain open to small volume proposals from start-up projects looking to launch their brand; providers looking to expand their service portfolio; or established brands wanting to diversify their product range

Our introductory service team have many years experience in coordinating multiple low volume manufacturing projects simaltaneously, while our dedicated production operatives are adept at fulfilling multi-range roll outs to schedule

From launching a bespoke chemical product; to start-up water treatment companies; commercial brands looking to test the market potential for own brand chemicals; through to refill options for zero waste, sustainable retail outlets

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No matter the project, no matter the volume,

we could be perfectly placed to help you



Our product portfolio is extensive and it may be the case that we have a product similar to the one you need already in production and primed for small batch manufacturing runs

Don't let an idea go to waste

lets see if we can launch it together

We are always open to new ideas and take all propositions seriously; whether it be a unique product not yet seen on the market, or an innovative adaptation to an existing solution.


No matter the idea, we can offer expert technical advice on the chemical and manufacturing essentials required to potentially turn your idea in to reality

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